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Where can I find a 95014 Dentist Office?

There are plenty of excellent reasons to plan on scheduling regular trips to our 95014 dentist office. When you make us your partner in oral care, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a wide range of dental conditions, as well as have emerging dental issues addressed early in their onset, when they’re typically the easiest to treat. At the office of Dennis J. Hong DDS, our experienced dentist is here to help you establish and maintain optimal oral health. From the essentials in preventive and emergency dental care, to the latest in prosthetic, restorative, implant and cosmetic dental services, your smile will be in the best of hands at our state-of-the-art dental office.

95014 Dentist

Just two times a year. That’s how many visits the American Dental Association advises patients to make to their 95014 dentist office for routine preventive care. From the prevention of dental decay and cavities, to halting the progression of gum disease, making the commitment to visit your dentist every six months is a decision whose benefits are well worth smiling about. Because maintaining good oral hygiene plays such a vital role in the warding off of dental disease, your dentist will want to make sure that you’re brushing and flossing with the proper technique. Patients with crooked teeth or conditions that increase the risk for dental disease can expect to receive the customized instruction they require in the proper practices for keeping their mouths clean and healthy throughout the year. You’ll also receive a professional teeth cleaning, ensuring that any accumulated plaque or tartar that your toothbrush and floss have not reached is expertly removed.

Lowering your risk for gum disease and the development of cavities is well worth scheduling semi-annual visits to our 95014 dentist office! For the gentle, quality dental care you and your loved ones deserve, choose the office of Dennis J. Hong DDS for your general, family, and cosmetic dentistry needs. To schedule your next visit, call now!

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